Price: $350

State: Arizona
City: Tucson
Zip code: 85706
Type: Pets

This is Eli and he is a two year old service dog for emotional support... He is maybe 25 pounds and is half chihuahua and half blue heeler... He is completely house trained and potty trained... He had the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen on a dog, they are ice blue... He is very extremely friendly with (other animals, kids, elderly) everyone and he doesn't have a mean bone in his body... He almost never ever barks (when I say almost never it means like only maybe once every 6 months or so) or makes any noise... He is such a good boy it breaks my heart to even have to rehome him but I'm going through some extremely tedious life changes right now and I don't have or have access to anything required to even take care of his basic needs and he deserves so much better than that!!! He is such a good boy and I love him so much!!! I'm asking a rehoming fee of $350 to ensure he goes to a quality home... If you are interested you can call or text me at 520-991-...